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Articles, Hand-Outs and Web Sites to Assist Graduate Students

What's Happening in the Academic Workplace?

This site offers articles written by academics for a range of career challenges in academe. The goal is to help graduate students devise a strategy for their careers, prepare them for the market; or manage a search process.

PostDissertation Listserv

Are you a recent graduate facing job search and publishing without your university network? Do you find yourself isolated or lacking support from your peers? Are you interested in being supported by and collaborating with those peers?

National and Local Web Resources

This page contains links to UT career services, as well as web sites containing resources pertinent to the academic and non-academic job markets and advice about how to get a job.

Books on Obtaining Employment

When to Enter the Job Market

Are you Ready to Enter the Market?
When is it the Right Time?

Building a CV and Job Letter

A must read before you enter the job market. Professor Arens offers advice, plus sample CVs and letters. This article, while targeted to students in language disciplines, will be of enormous value to students in all academic fields.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

Applying for a Postdoctoral Fellowship

General Career Advice

Career Advice From an Oldish Not-Quite Geezer
How to Illustrate Your Career Readiness Competencies

Academic Job Market

Academic Career--The Long Term Perspective
Academic Job Application Check List
Keys to a Cover Letter
Use Your Summer Wisely
The Process
Advice from your Peers
The Basics of Cover Letter Writing
The Basics of Science C.V.'s
"Is It Whom You Know?"
Cover Letters for Small Schools
What They Don't Teach You in Grad School
What They Don't Teach You in Grad School: Part II
What They Don't Teach You in Grad School: Part III
What They Don't Teach You in Grad School: Part IV
Going on the Job Market, ABD
Going on the Job Market, ABD-II
What to Include in Cover Letters
Creating a Good Cover Letter


The Successful Interview
Academic Job Interview Questions
More Questions Faculty Will Ask
MLA Job Interviews
Bad Answers to Good Questions
The Academic Job Interview Revisited
Giving a Job Talk in the Sciences
Job Candidates: Questions to Ask (American Political Science Association)
Asking the Right Questions
The First Interview
Prepping for the Campus Visit
Think Like a Colleague
Questions They Might Ask You
Your First Academic Job - I
Your First Academic Job - II

Campus Visits

Negotiating the First Offer

Negotiating a Faculty Position

Area Studies/Department Job Searches

Community Colleges

Job Advice
Cover Letter
The Community-College Interview
Are Community Colleges a Stepping-Stone?
The Community-College Interview: What Not to Do
What Community Colleges Want
What You'll Be Asked
Interviews at Community Colleges

Employer’s Perspective

View from the Other Side (Search Committee)
A Dean Offers Advice
How We Did It

Job Search Lingo

Learning the Lingo, Part 3

How to Get Good Letters of Recommendation


Teaching Philosophy
Writing a Teaching Philosophy
Writing as Teaching Statement

Finding the Appropriate Language—Simple Yet Technical

Non-Academic Job Market

Deprogramming from the Academic Cult
Transferring Your Skills to a Non-Academic Setting
Four Steps to Succeeding Outside the Ivory Tower
Other Articles on Non-Academic Careers
Non-Academic Careers
Federal Government Jobs
Questions to Ask on a Non-Academic Job Interview
Non-Academic Cover Letters
From CV to Resume
Converting a CV to a Resume
What you should know about nonacademic careers for Ph.D.'s
Outside, Over There
Should You Finish?
'Non-Academic' Career in Academe
"But I Have No Skills"
Speak Up, Shake Hands, and Smile
"The Truth About the Nonacademic Job Search: Be prepared to lose your friends, your mentors, and your sense of self-worth"
Other Campus Jobs for Ph.D.'s
FAQ from the Lecture Circuit
Administrative Jobs for PhDs
A Career in Tutoring
Beyond the Ivory Tower: Adjusting to Corporate Culture
"Beyond the Ivory Tower: What you should know about nonacademic careers for Ph.D.'s"
Beyond the Ivory Tower: The Writing Business
Every Ph.D. Needs a Plan B
Leaving Tenure Behind

Another Perspective on the Non-Academic Job Market

Inside the Hiring Process
The Perfect Job for a Ph.D. Turns Out To Be Not in Higher Education
Preparing for the Non-Academic Interview
5 Networking Strategies
Your Next Project
Our Failure of Imagination

Jobs and Babies

Finding a Parent Friendly Place