Citizen Scholars

Austin American-Statesman Series

This series draws on insights gained from the IE Ethics Initiative.

Occasional series from the Austin American-Statesman feature how the work of U.T. graduate students contributes both to their disciplines and the larger community, illustrating the philosophy of intellectual entrepreneurship.

October 11, 2003, "Universities Must Operate Within Society"

September 6, 2003, "Increasing Diversity by Engaging Hearts, Minds"

July 22, 2003, "The Real Problem of Diversity in Graduate Education"

May 19, 2003, "Creating Classrooms Without Walls"

picture of Joshua Duntley
Joshua Duntley, Psychology
picture of Matthew Green
Matthew Green, Mechanical Engineering

picture of Christine Beier
Christine Beier, Anthropology

March 16, 2003, "On Stage, Among the Trees: Scholars are Changing Research, Lives with Community Collaboration"

the cast of
Chris Ann Strickling, English,
with the cast of "Actual Lives"

Maria Fadiman
Maria Fadiman, Geography

December 30, 2002, "History in the Making: 'Citizen-Scholars' Build Bridge Between Yesterday, Today"

Anne Glickman
Anne Glickman, RTF
Mark Westmoreland
Mark Westmoreland. Anthropology

Anthony Cherian
Anthony Cherian, Information

December 1, 2002, "In UT Program, 'Citizen-Scholars' Put Knowledge to Work"

Rachel McInturff
Rachel McInturff, Music composition
Erin Turner
Erin Turner, Math Education

Harold Chaput
Harold Chaput, Computer Science