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Dissertation ListServ and Resources

Are you a UT graduate student who would like support while you are writing your dissertation or preparing to do so? Would you like to find a place to ask questions about the dissertation process? Do you want a forum for sharing dissertation experiences? Would you like to receive web sites and articles pertaining to dissertation research and writing? Would you like to read tips from faculty at UT and elsewhere? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, be sure to subscribe to DISSLIST. Students writing dissertations as well as faculty/staff who can help will be on the list to discuss dissertations and answer questions. How do you subscribe? Follow these instructions from ITS:

To subscribe to DISSLIST:

  • Go to the mailing list site.
  • Select the List of Lists tab at the top of the page.
  • Select the Graduate Studies list and select
  • Select the Subscribe link, then confirm that you really want to subscribe to that list.
  • Enter your e-mail address, then click Submit.

NOTE: If you create an account using your email and password at this site you will be able to manage all your list subscriptions at the university. To remove yourself from any list you return to the mailing list site, log in, and then unsubscribe from any of the lists you are a member of.

If you have any questions about DISSLIST, send email to: Richard A. Cherwitz

Sample Dissertation Proposals

Ethical Issue Du Jour

WEB Resources

Dissertation Writing Bibliography

Tips from Faculty and Coaches

Dr. Janet Swaffar, Germanic Studies
Dr. Karl Butzer, Geography
Dr. Michael Thomas, Coach
Dr. Rebecca Richards-Kortum, Engineering
Dr. Karl Galinsky, Classics
Dr. Mark G. Raizen, Physics
Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, English
Dr. David Hillis, Integrative Biology
Dr. Bruce Hunt, History
Dr. Karin Wilkins, Radio Television Film
Dr. E. Glynn Harmon, School of Information
Dr. David Neumeyer, Music

Current and Former Graduate Deans Reflect
on Dissertation Completion

Dr. Teresa Sullivan (President, The University of Virginia, former Provost at The University of Michigan and former Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies, The University of Texas at Austin)
Dr. Steadman Upham, (President, Claremont Graduate University and former
Chair of the Council of Graduate Schools)
Dr. Catharine R. Stimpson (Dean of the Graduate School of Arts & Science, New York University)
Dr. Richard Wheeler (Dean of the Graduate College, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
Dr. Robert Thach (Graduate Dean of Arts & Sciences, Washington University-St. Louis)
Dr. Victor Bloomfield (Vice Provost for Research and Graduate Dean, University of Minnesota)
Dr. Les Sims (Graduate Dean Emeritus, University of Iowa and Senior Scholar in Residence and Director, External Grants Program Council of Graduate Schools)
Dr. Adrian Del Caro (Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Education, the
University of Colorado)
Dr. Maureen Grasso (Dean of the Graduate School, University of Georgia)
Dr. Susan Huntington (Vice Provost and Graduate Dean at Ohio State University)

Advice from UT Alumni

Dr. Lee Mundy, Astronomy
Dr. Susan Guion, Linguistics
Dr. Carolyn Thomas de la Pena, American Studies
Dr. Suzanne Daughton, Rhetoric
Dr. John Caughlin, Speech Communication
Dr. Mason Carpenter, Management
Dr. David Hildebrand, Philosophy
Dr. Wendy Gordon, Botany
Dr. Kim Nixon, Neuroscience
Dr. Maureen Berner, Public Affairs (LBJ School)
Dr. Denise Gobert, Kinesiology
Dr. Paige S. Warren, Integrative Biology
Dr. Raymond Robertson, Economics

Articles and Essays

Doctoral Candidates Discuss Meeting the Challenges

Long Distance ABD Resources

Video Seminars for Graduate Students

Gradstudentmoms Listserv and Resources