Intellectual Entrepreneurship and Diversity


72% of IE participants are first generation, underrepresented or economically disadvantaged students. Over 70% are women. In 2017, 28% of IE students were African American—approximately seven times more than their percentage of the total UT undergraduate population. This is not a coincidence. The philosophy of Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) shows promise as an approach to increasing the number of persons of color who attend graduate school. The value of IE as a mechanism for increasing diversity inheres in its capacity to allow students to become entrepreneurs--to discover otherwise unobserved connections between academe and personal and professional commitments. The spirit of intellectual entrepreneurship seems to resonate with and meet a felt need of minority and first-generation students, facilitating exploration and innovation. IE implores students to create for themselves a world of vast intellectual and practical possibilities, acquiring the resources needed to bring their visions to fruition. IE changes the metaphor and model of education from one of "apprenticeship-certification-entitlement" to "discovery-ownership-accountability."

Leonard Moore

“From its onset, the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) program has been intentional about its mission and philosophy as it relates to diversity. That is why approximately 70% of IE participants have been first generation, underrepresented students or from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. By empowering students to discover their own passion and then making the resources needed to bring their vision to fruition available, IE has successfully brought the spirit of entrepreneurship to students who otherwise may never have had such an opportunity.”

Leonard N. Moore, Interim Vice President, Division of Diversity and Community Engagement

Greg Vincent

"The Intellectual Entrepreneurship program is key to helping the University of Texas at Austin connect with communities and leverage intellectual resources to solve problems. It enables our students to work on real-world problems while conducting research and benefitting from the mentoring process. With half of the participants in the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate Internship attending graduate school, we think the internship has large-scale implications for increasing the number first-generation and underrepresented students in the graduate school pipeline."

Greg Vincent, President, Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Judith Zaffirini

"One of the best ways to improve diversity in higher education is to improve education for all students while focusing on each student’s unique strengths, instead of his or her weaknesses. Part of UT’s Division for Diversity and Engagement, the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE) does exactly that. Its crown jewel, the Pre Graduate School Mentorship Program, for example, does this by demystifying higher education and helping students identify and pursue their passions. More than 5,000 UT students have benefitted from IE, and the consortium’s innovative, results-driven approach has been recognized repeatedly, including with the Examples of Excelencia Award and the National Diversity Council’s Diversity FIRST Award. IE’s multidisciplinary approach offers students access to outstanding faculty and resources from throughout the UT community, enhances research and teaching, and improves the relationship between higher education and the rest of society. Whenever I speak to young people, I tell them that I don’t want them to be like me or to match my accomplishments; I want them to be significantly better and to surpass my accomplishments. IE provides students with an excellent foundation to achieve that goal.”

Senator Judith Zaffirini

William Raspberry

"When you're from a minority community, or you're the first member of your family to attend college, you're likely to see such a withdrawal from the rough and tumble of everyday problems as dereliction. You may be very bright and capable of learning at the highest levels, but you also feel a sense of responsibility. We're saying you don't have to choose between them."

--From nationally syndicated columnist William Raspberry's essay, "Filling the Racial Gap in Academia," Washington Post, May 31, 2005 in which he discusses how UT's IE Pre-Graduate School Internship may increase the number of Hispanics and African Americans who pursue graduate degrees.

Lovell Jones

"IE is an educational program I wish other institutions would emulate. The most important part of this program to the well-being of this nation is its attempt to address the issue of increasing the number of underrepresented minorities, first-generation, or economically disadvantaged students by assisting them in determining what they wish to do following graduation, especially whether they wish to pursue graduate education. For example, of the spring 2013 IE cohort one third were classified as Hispanic, compared to a university-wide percentage of 18. Similarly, although only 4.5 per cent of University of Texas students who were classified as African American, 16 per cent of IE students were from an African American background. Imagine if these figures were replicated across America. My hat is off to the IE program. Continue your good work as a role model for what institutions can do if they have a will to do so. To paraphrase Vince Lombardi - 'the difference between a success and fail is not a lack KNOWLEDGE, but rather a LACK of WILL.'"

Lovell A. Jones, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Professor at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Co-Founder of the Intercultural Cancer Council

Sarita Brown

"Much of today's higher education reform discussion emphasizes student deficits and remedial education, but IE builds on students' strengths and focuses on demystifying the pursuit of higher education, stimulating student curiosity, and increasing engaged learning. Look at the large number of Latino students drawn to doctoral education through the IE Pre Graduate Internship (winner of Excelencia in Education Award) and you see the power and promise IE offers higher education. It's a model that works and it is time for other colleges and universities to adapt it."
Sarita Brown, President, Excelencia in Education Play the video

Dennis Kennedy

“The Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) program is, without a doubt, grooming the next generation of remarkable leaders. This program provides a platform for students to strengthen their skills and build the confidence necessary to succeed in any work environment. The many students in the IE program that go on to further their education or obtain fulfilling roles in the workforce are proof that success is attainable for all people regardless of race, culture, and socioeconomic status. When extraordinary programs like IE provide positive mentorship and the necessary resources, anything is possible.”

Dennis Kennedy, Chair of the National Diversity Council

Orlando Taylor

"UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) initiative takes the bold step of positioning education beyond traditional academic and research boundaries. It communicates the belief that the life of the mind can be a commodity of entrepreneurial value to degree holders. This program has been of particular value to men and women of color. The IE initiative has been one of the most innovative developments in is truly revolutionary."

Orlando Taylor, Former Vice President of Research and Graduate Dean, Howard University Play the video

Angela Valenciano

“I would like to commend the educational impact of UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE). This program has created unprecedented opportunity and success led by the extraordinary leadership of Dr. Rick Cherwitz (recipient of the National Diversity Council DiversityFirst Award). It is imperative to emphasize the unique focus this program has had with first generation and underrepresented students by engaging their passions and desire to contribute to the community and our nation. In order to improve the diversity pipeline in the workplace we need to improve the number of diverse students successfully completing higher education. The IE Consortium is the vehicle that will allow students to find their purpose and focus on their individual strengths to succeed. It is in this foundation that they all have an opportunity to reach their goals.”

Angeles Valenciano, Chief Executive Officer of the National Diversity Council

P. Foster

"The IE experience resulted in a true ripple effect. It resulted in one student getting into graduate school who now is doing very well. In turn, this person helped another student who believed she could never attend a four year school; this student is now at UT and is looking forward to medical school. What's more, the second student impacted a third individual who believed she could never go to college; not only did this person perform well at a community college, she is now enrolled in a four year institution. These three individuals continue to spread the word that young Hispanic women can indeed succeed. And all of this happened because I participated in IE."
UT Doctoral Candidate and IE Mentor play video

Inside Higher Ed National Audio Forum Spotlights IE's Impact on Diversity

UT WEB Feature Story Spotlights IE Oral History and Diversity Project.

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Photo of IE Students Who Participated

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Read the News Release

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Listen to the entire audio interview (including a fuller discussion of the IE model of education begun at UT in 1996 and how it responds to current calls for educational reform)

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Postscript: The Reflections of IE Interns Three Years Later

Capitol Hill Showcase Spotlights IE for Accelerating Latino Success in Higher Education, March 26, 2009 (Rayburn Office Building, Washington DC). [NOTE: This event was held in cooperation with U.S. Representative Ruben Hinojosa, Chairman, Subcommittee on Higher Education, Lifelong Learning and Competitiveness.]

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IE Receives "Examples of Excelencia" Award (as top program for graduate institutions in the United States), September 23, 2008.

UT Press Release
IE Excelencia Video
Additional Information
Daily Texan Story
Examples of Excelencia Compendium (.pdf)
Award Ceremony Photo

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Listen to an audio clip of Ruby (.mp3)

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Letter to UT President William Powers (.pdf)

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IE Diversity Initiatives

IE Pre-Graduate School Internship

McNair Scholars/IE Internships