National Science Foundation logoIE-NSF Mentor Training Institute (2014-2017): NSF Integrative Computational Education and Research Traineeship (ICERT)

IE designed and is now facilitating a Mentor Training Institute for graduate students and post-docs who are participating in an NSF funded ICERT (Integrative Computational Education and Research Traineeship). These graduate students and post-docs are funded through TACC (Texas Advanced Computing Center) to participate and are the cornerstone for undergraduates who are participating in the program (an REU, Research Experience for Undergraduates). IE was chosen as a partner because of its track record and experience of pairing graduate student mentors with undergraduates in its nationally recognized IE Pre Grad Internship, and because of its documented success in delivering professional development courses to graduate students through the Office of Graduate Studies. The Institute consists of 8 sessions that blend state of the art expertise in mentoring with a curriculum in framing, designing, and launching research initiatives. The Institute serves a dual purpose: it ensures that participating undergraduates have an excellent experience, preparing and encouraging them to go into STEM professions; and it provides graduate students and post-docs with professional development both in working with undergrads and in developing their own career plans.