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IE Founder and Director Dr. Richard Cherwitz Retires, September 3, 2019.

UT President Gregory Fenves Honors IE Founder and Communication Studies Professor Cherwitz on the Occasion of His Retirement, July 5, 2019.

Patrick Beach, “Separating Political Bias from Academic Expertise—The Role of Public Intellectuals,” University Business, July 2, 2019  [Beach discusses how IE founder Cherwitz exemplifies what it means to be a public intellectual].

Patrick Beach, “Iowa Alumnus Sets Example for Public Intellectuals,” Iowa City Press-Citizen,  June 29, 2019 [Beach salutes IE founder and professor Cherwitz for his contributions as a public intellectual.]

Patrick Beach, “UT Professor Exemplifies the Importance of Public Intellectuals,” San Antonio Express-News, June 25, 2019. [Beach praises the important work done by IE founder professor Cherwitz over the past four decades.]

Richard Cherwitz, “Why Become a Public Intellectual?—Reflections of a Communication Scholar,” Liberal Education, Summer, 2019. [IE founder and director Cherwitz argues how his experience with IE prompted the need to engage a larger public audience to help reform higher education.]

IE Alumni Receive Juris Doctorate from Harvard Law School, June 1, 2019.

IE Pre Grad Intern Samuel Garcia Receives Law Degree from Harvard [His personal story is amazing, and his accomplishments and future plans are laudatory.], The Monitor, May 28, 2019.

IE/St. Edward’s Pre Grad Mentor Stephanie Valenzuela (UT Organic Chemistry Doctoral Student) Spotlighted, The Orbit, Spring, 2019 (page 3).

Richard Cherwitz, “Universities Must Learn to Engage Society—Public Universities Positioned to Lead Way with Bold Measures,” Herald Banner, March 16, 2019.

Richard Cherwitz, “Why Universities Should Embrace Intellectual Entrepreneurship,” Fort Worth Business Press, March 4, 2019

Richard Cherwitz, “Intellectual Entrepreneurship Asks, ‘What is Possible,’” University Business, January/February, 2019.


"IE Alumnus Making a Contribution on the Southern Border,” December 29, 2018.

Richard Cherwitz, “Diversifying Graduate Education through Intellectual Entrepreneurship: What Forty Years Taught Me,” Medium, October 21, 2018

Richard Cherwitz, “Universities Served Well by ‘Intellectual Entrepreneur’ Mindset,” Austin Business Journal, October 19, 2018.

Aaron Barlow, “Stop Disparaging Professors—They Work for a Better America,” Medium, October 2, 2018 [Barlow spotlights UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) initiative and other efforts by IE founder Cherwitz as a rhetorical scholar to be a public intellectual].

Aaron Barlow, “The Professors,” Houston Chronicle, August 19, 2018 [Barlow documents the contributions of IE founder and director Cherwitz. He uses Cherwitz’ IE initiatives and essays in rhetorical studies as examples of what professors can do in the public sphere as participants in the American experiment—not for any particular political or social cause but as "public intellectuals."].

University of California Names UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Initiative a “Mentoring Best Practice,” July 24, 2018.

Richard Cherwitz and Stefanie Sanford, “Communication and Knowledge in the 21st Century—Lessons for Higher Education,” University Business, August, 2018 [The authors argue that IE represents one way higher education in the 21st century can prudently balance professional and academic realms.]

College of Liberal Arts Life and Letters Spotlights IE Pre Grad intern Bahar Sahami in the Summer Issue of Their Magazine, July 2, 2018.

Richard Cherwitz, “Why Do So Few Talented Minority Students Pursue Doctorates?,” Dallas Morning News, May 21, 2018. [Cherwitz documents the impact IE has on increasing diversity.]

St. Edward’s University Orbit Magazine Spotlights IE mentor Marta Sans and Her SEU McNair Scholar Sarahi Enriquez, Spring, 2018 [see page 7]

Salma Ayoub Wins 2018 IE JoyLynn Hailey Reed Graduate Student Achievement Award, DDCE News, May 9, 2018

“IE Citizen Scholars Hosts Seventh Annual Research Contest,” May 1, 2018

“Ayoub Receives IE Program Mentorship Award,” UT Biomedical Engineering News, April 12, 2018

Aaron Barlow, “Fighting Fire with Fire: Reinvigorating the Language of American Universities,Planning for Higher Education Journal, April-June, 2018. [Barlow lauds IE and brings it into the larger conversation about higher education, documenting how debates about higher education reform and the battle IE has been waging for over 20 years are ultimately about language.]

Rick Cherwitz, “Universities Must Engage Society,” Houston Chronicle, May 11, 2018.

Salma Ayoub Wins 2018 IE JoyLynn Hailey Reed Graduate Student Achievement Award, April 12, 2018.

UT Liberal Arts Dean Endorses IE, April 9, 2018.

Rick Cherwitz, “It's Time for Public Universities to Replot Their Course to Better Serve Society,” Austin Business Journal, March 9, 2018.

Rick Cherwitz, “Research Universities Must Strive to Collaborate with Community,” Austin American-Statesman, March 8, 2018

Rick Cherwitz, “Intellectual Entrepreneurship—Engaging Universities with Society,” Dallas Morning News, March 1, 2018.

Meet the Citizen Scholars: Haley Turner, Media Ethics Initiative, February 15, 2018. [Media Ethics Citizen Scholars is a collaboration of the Media Ethics Initiative (MEI) and the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre-Graduate School Internship program.]

Project MALES Mentor Leonor Ramirez Selected as a Spring 2018 IE Kuhn Scholar, February 14, 2018

IE Kuhn Scholars Receive $20,000 Matching Grant from Alice and Michael Kuhn, February 12, 2018

Meet the Citizen Scholars: Anna Rose Isbell, Media Ethics Initiative, February 12, 2018. [Media Ethics Citizen Scholars is a collaboration of the Media Ethics Initiative (MEI) and the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre-Graduate School Internship program.]

“Awarded Scholars Bettering the World,” McCombs Today, January 22, 2018 [McCombs Business School-IE Kuhn Scholars spotlighted].

Richard Cherwitz and Stefanie Sanford, “Rhetoric and Knowledge in the 21st Century,” San Antonio Express-News, January 14, 2018 [A discussion of IE’s unique approach to education and impact in the last twenty years]

“Celebrating Our Immigrant Students,” DDCE News, January 4, 2018. [Six IE Pre Grad interns and IE Kuhn Scholars spotlighted]

President Gordon Gee on IE’s 20th Anniversary, January 4, 2018


“Solutions that Work,” President to Presidents (Excelencia in Education’s Newsletter to University Presidents), December, 2017 [The success of IE is spotlighted.]

IE Pre Grad Intern Tess Johnson Selected Finalist and Audience Award Winner for the Texas Student Research Showdown, November 15, 2017

IE Launches Media Ethics Citizen Scholars Program, November 15, 2017

Excelencia in Education President Lauds Success of UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE) at the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine, November 10, 2017
[President Brown spotlights a fall 2017 IE Kuhn Scholar.]

UT Social Work Spotlights IE Kuhn Scholars, November 9, 2017

St. Edward’s University-University of Texas IE Collaboration Awarded Five Year Grant, October 7, 2017

Two IE Students—Marisa Ortega and Steven Santoyo—Spotlighted for Disability Awareness Month, October 2, 2017

First IE JoyLynn Hailey Reed Graduate Student Award Recipient Honored, September 30, 2017

IE Program Announces Fall 2017 Kuhn Scholars, September 27, 2017

IE Celebrates 2016-2017 Successes, September 5, 2017

India’s ANSYS and Cummins Foster Academic Research and Innovation through IE, September 1, 2017 [UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship is utilized to foster a culture of research and innovation for female engineers].

IE wins Badge of Excellence from Excelencia in Education, August 23, 2017

IE Pre Grad Intern and Kuhn Scholar Changing the World by Advocating for Disability Rights, July 31, 2017

IE Pre Grad Intern and Kuhn Scholar Publishes Important Research Findings,” July 5, 2017. [This research began during the IE Pre Grad Internship. As President Greg Fenves noted in his Twitter post on July 6: “Good scientific sleuthing by a UT undergrad has raised a few eyebrows.”]

Eight Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre Grad Interns and IE Kuhn Scholars Share Their Family Immigration Experiences,” June 28, 2017

IE Pre Grad Intern and Kuhn Scholar Jesus Olivo Thrives as a Researcher, June 27, 2017

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program Announces 2017-18 Officers, June 23, 2017

Excelencia in Education Spotlights UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre-Grad Internship, May 12, 2017 [IE, a past recipient of the Examples of Excelencia award, continues to be one of the nation’s most successful initiatives for increasing diversity in higher education.]

“Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre Graduate School Internship,” Access & Excellence, May 16, 2017, pages 17-18. [This article spotlights the success of 2009 IE Pre Grad intern Daniel Conroy-Beam who now has earned his PhD, become a faculty member at a top-tier research university and is one step closer to realizing his stated goal set during the IE internship: “to become the Barack Obama of Evolutionary Psychology."]

IE Citizen Scholars Hosts Sixth Annual Research Contest, May 4, 2017

Celebrating the Class of 2017: IE Kuhn Scholar Stephanie Suarez, May 2, 2017.

IE Announces First Recipient of the JoyLynn Reed Hailey Graduate Student Achievement Award, May 2, 2017.

IE Partnership with St. Edward’s University McNair Scholars Program Spotlighted in the Spring 2017 Issue of “The Orbit” (the official publication of the St. Edward’s McNair program). [See page 7.]

Spring 2017 IE Students Conduct Original Research, March 6, 2017

IE Program Announces Spring 2017 Kuhn Scholars, March 3, 2017

IE Helps Communication Alumna Graduate with Highest Honors and Prepare for Graduate School, February 21, 2017

IE Kuhn Scholar Aims to Inspire Next Generation of STEM Researchers, January 25, 2017

IE Pre Grad intern and Citizen Scholars President Jelisa Jay Robinson Named Finalist for Seattle Public Theater's Inaugural Emerald Prize, January 11, 2017.


Joseph Gallardo, “I’m a Living Argument for Affirmative Action,” Access & Excellence, December 12, 2016. [Joseph, a former IE Pre-Grad Intern, is a student at Harvard Law School (class of 2019)]

IE Kuhn Scholars Help the Homeless, November 30, 2016

Two IE Pre Grad interns—Denise Cavazos (B.S., Communication Sciences and Disorders) and Brianna Holt (B.S., Communication Studies)—Named Moody College of Communication Outstanding Fall 2016 Grads, November 29, 2016

2016 Andrew Mellon Foundation Report (“Reforming Doctoral Education, 1990 to 2015: Recent Initiatives and Future Prospects”) Applauds UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Initiative

IE Students Take Second Place and Honorable Mention in the 2016 UT Research Showdown, November 17, 2016.

“New Program Prepares African American Students for Graduate School,” October 28, 2016. [IE Consortium partners with the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA).]

“IE Pre Grad Interns Julia Caswell (Visual Studies) and Keun-woo Lee (CSD) Named UGS Research Showdown Finalists,” October 24, 2017. [Julia Caswell also was the winner of the Showdown audience award as determined by student votes and will receive an iPad.]

IE Program Featured in New Publication, October 7, 2016.

IE Program Announces Fall 2016 Kuhn Scholars, October 5, 2016.

Visual Arts Studies Student Selected for IE Pre-Graduate Mentorship Program Kuhn Scholars Award, October 3, 2016

UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Initiative Discussed in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, September, 2017.

IE Pre Grad Intern and Kuhn Scholar Irnela Bajrovic Interviewed by Austin Women Magazine, August, 2016

Read about Irnela’s IE Experience and Her Op-Eds about the Program

IE Program Highlighted in Texas Diversity Magazine, DDCE News, July 11, 2016

TACC/IE Launch First Verizon Innovative Learning Summer Entrepreneurship Experience for Underrepresented and Underserved Students, June 29. 2016

DDCE Story

“Leadership through IE Starts Early at East Austin College Prep.” June 17, 2016
[IE Pre Grad Mentorship director and Heisman winner lead East Austin College Prep Academy initiative.]

Raasha Suleman, “The Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium,” Texas Diversity Magazine, June 9, 2016
[This article spotlight’s IE unique and significant role in promoting diversity in higher education.]

IE Citizen Scholars Program Announces 2016-17 Co-Presidents, June 8, 2016

Joseph Gallardo, “I'm a Living Argument for Affirmative Action,” USA Today, June 3, 2016 [Joseph is an IE Pre Grad intern who will begin Harvard Law in the fall, 2016.]

Rick Cherwitz, “University, Community Collaboration Is Critical,” Austin American-Statesman, June 1, 2016 [IE director shows how recent Austin-University of Texas collaborations are an example of intellectual entrepreneurship.]

IE Pre Grad Internship Alumni Complete Ph.D. and Secure Faculty Positions, Spring, 2016.

IE Kuhn Scholar Shama Momin Headed to Columbia for Grad School, May 20, 2016

UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium Celebrates 20th Anniversary, May 18, 2016


2015-2016: Another Banner Year for UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium, May 17, 2016

Celebrating the Class of 2016: IE Pre Grad Intern and Kuhn Scholar Heather Caudle, May 6, 2016

Celebrating the Class of 2016: IE Pre Grad Intern Laura Dafov, May 5, 2016

Celebrating the Class of 2016: IE Pre Grad Intern Kassandra Martinez, May 4, 2016

“Intellectual Entrepreneurship Internship: Mentor’s Perspective,” The Orbit, Spring 2016. [On page 6, the St. Edward’s University McNair Scholars program recognizes the important role played by the IE Pre Grad Internship program and its graduate student mentors.]

IE Citizen Scholars Hosts Fifth Annual Research Contest, May 2, 2016

Texas Senator Judith Zaffirini Endorses UT’s Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE), May 2, 2016.

IE Program Announces Spring 2016 Kuhn Scholars, February 12, 2016

Discover Law /IE Program Aims to Increase Diversity in the Legal Profession, January 29, 2016.

Richard A. Cherwitz and E. Johanna Hartelius, “Creating Engaged Universities: What the Discipline of Rhetoric Teaches Us,” Journal of Higher Education Theory and Practice, Vol 15(7) 2016, 63-76. [The authors use the “Intellectual Entrepreneurship” (IE) model and philosophy of education to document how best to create engaged universities.]

Kuhn Foundation Awards $35K to IE, January 13, 2016

Seven years later, Pre Grad Mentorship Alumna Tammie Beassie Banko Reflects on How IE Changed Her Life, January 5, 2016. [Like so many alumni, Tammie realized that IE was more than a course—it is a philosophy of learning encouraging students to discover, own and be accountable for their education].


UT Vice President Vincent Lauds IE’s Success in Placing Underrepresented Minorities at the Nation’s Best Graduate Schools, December 17, 2015

Tara Trower Doolittle, “A Defense of UT’s Diversity,” Austin American-Statesman, December 18, 2015

IE Documents the Academic Success of African American Students, Austin American-Statesman, December 17, 2015

Chris Parr, “Affirmative Action: If It Goes, How Can US Universities Ensure Diversity?” Times Higher Education, December 15, 2015. [UT’s IE initiative cited as one alternative for increasing diversity if affirmative action is terminated.]

Moody College of Communication Spotlights Outstanding Fall 2015 Graduates, December 2, 2015. [IE students Valadez and Johnson among the 5 outstanding graduates featured.]

Journey of Jobs, November 20, 2015 [IE student shares her inspiring story and project to help others pursue the American Dream.]

IE Students Named Finalists for UT's Office of Undergraduate Research Texas Student Research Showdown, October 27, 2015 [Fall 2015 IE Pre Grad interns and Kuhn Scholars Nicole Gloris and Tarale Murry were named two of the six finalists and, IE Pre Grad intern Chelsea Jones was named honorable mention.]

IE Students Take 2nd and 3rd Place in Research Showdown, November 16, 2015.

Small Town Students See Big Potential at UT Austin, October 16, 2015 [IE interns and grad student mentors help first-generation and underrepresented minority high school students interested in STEM]

Photo of IE Students Who Participated

IE Program Receives $25,000 JoyLynn Hailey Reed Endowment to Support Graduate Student Mentors, October 14, 2015.

IE Program Announces Fall 2015 Kuhn Scholars, October 12, 2015

"23 IE Students Named Fall 2015 Kuhn Scholars," Daily Texan, October 16, 2015

UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Initiative Honored at Excelencia in Education's Celebracion, Washington DC, September 22, 2015. [IE honored for remaining "at the forefront of advancing educational achievement for Latino students in higher education."]

Read the News Release

Q&A with Samuel Garcia, Author of How Goats Can Fight Poverty, ShelfLife@Texas, September 4, 2015. [Interview of IE student whose new book presents one solution to the problem of poverty.]

Rick Cherwitz, "A Contract for Academia: Escaping Separate and Unequal Faculty Citizenship," University Business, August, 2015

IE Student's Book Aims to Help Fight Poverty, August 7, 2015

How the IE Experience Keeps on Giving-Social Worker Continues to Make a Difference, August 6, 2015

Mission Moments: A Q&A with IE Director Rick Cherwitz, July 27, 2015

"Intellectual Entrepreneurship: Work in Pharmacy Research Lab Brings Clarity, Confidence to Pursue Graduate School," Longhorn Pharmacy Focus, Spring 2015. {On page 8 Kuhn Scholar Irnela Bajrovic discusses her IE experience].

Rick Cherwitz, 'Faculty Contract' Would Aid Teacher, Institution, Dallas Morning News, June 17, 2015

"IE Director Rick Cherwitz Proposes an Entrepreneurial Approach to Faculty Roles," DDCE News, June 17, 2015.

Celebrating Latino Graduation: IE Student Vanessa Chorush, May 22, 2015.

Why Invest in UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Initiative, May 22, 2015 [Watch IE's just released development video.]

Celebrating the Class of 2015: IE Citizen Scholars President Ignacio Cruz, May 19, 2015

IE Students Irnela Bajrovic, Lakeem Wilson, and Emily Ybarbo Among 12 Seniors Featured in UT Story on the Class of 2015, May 15, 2015

Celebrating the Class of 2015: IE Kuhn Scholar Irnela Bajrovic, May 8, 2015

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Newsletter, Spring 2015. [Read about the amazing accomplishments of IE students.}

IE Student Takes on Global Water Crisis, April 30, 2015

IE Graduating Seniors Placed in Top Grad Schools Across the Nation, April 29, 2015

"Intellectual Entrepreneurship Internship: A Mentor's Perspective," St. Edward's University McNair Scholars Newsletter, Spring 2015. [Page 6 spotlights one of UT's graduate students who serves as an IE mentor for the St. Ed's McNair program.]

IE Citizen Scholars Hosts Fourth Annual Research Contest, March 24, 2015

UT Alumna Touts IE Program for Demonstrating the Value of Scholarly Work, April 22, 2015. [In her TEDxTalk Professor Amy Young praises IE director Rick Cherwitz (2:50) and the IE initiative (4:29) for encouraging scholars to become public intellectuals.]

Spring 2015 IE Kuhn Scholars Recognized, Austin American-Statesman, April 5, 2015.

Meet the Leaders of the IE Program, March 30, 2015

IE Student Research Profiles Featured by UT School of Undergraduate Studies, March 26, 2015:

Spring 2015 IE Student Research Report, March 25, 2015 [Samples of the wide array of research projects undertaken by spring 2015 IE Pre Grad interns]

IE Students Use Social Media to Reflect on Their Experiences at Academic Conferences

Ignacio Cruz, "Reimagining the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program Through the Lens of Intellectual Entrepreneurship," Planning for Higher Education (Volume 43, Number 2, January-March 2015).

"This Semester I'm Working On. . . Researching Autism and Parental Stress," UT Know, March 9, 2015. [IE Student's Work Spotlighted on UT home page}

Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Citizen Scholars President Ignacio Cruz Named Texas Exes President's Leadership Award Recipient, Alcalde, February 27, 2015.

IE Announces Spring 2015 Kuhn Scholars, February 12, 2015

Irnela Bajrovic, "Research Opportunities at UT Give Students Tools to Change the World," Austin American Statesman, January 20, 2015

Irnela Bajrovic, "Program Helps Students Gain Clarity about Majors--From Bosnia to biochemistry at UT Austin," San Antonio Express-News, January 16, 2015 [IE Kuhn Scholar describes her journey from Bosnia to Ebola research at UT].


Jessica Sinn, "Pre-Grad Interns Share Experiences in the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program," DDCE News, December 10, 2014.

IE Kuhn Scholar Delivers Fall 2014 Social Work Convocation Speech, December 9, 2014.

IE Alumna Timi Komonibo Presents TEDx Talk on How I Found My Heart in a Walk-In Closet, November 4, 2014

Read about how Timi is "Giving Back in Style Via Style Lottery"

Komonibo Earns Orange Circle Award for Philanthropy

Robert Weisbuch, "Staying Small and Getting Large: Liberal-arts Colleges Need to Embrace Partnerships with Other Entities in a Big Way," Chronicle of Higher Education, October 29, 2014. [Weisbuch lauds IE's ties to the community which helped confront local and regional problems facing a nonacademic entity.]

"IE Alumna Changing the World," Longhorn Network, October 25, 2014. [Former IE student Jordan Metoyer turned her family's economic adversity into a new major and a new mission, taking her experience to the White House.]

Jessica Sinn, "USA Today Features Artist Activist, IE Senior Lakeem Wilson," October 24, 2014

Vanessa Chorush, "Living Your Passion through IE," October 13, 2014 (This video documents how IE has touched the lives of thousands of students since its inception in 1997.)

Answering the Call: IE Scholars Join Teach for America, October 8, 2014

IE Announces Fall 2014 Kuhn Scholars, October 5, 2014

Senior Fellow at the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) and Former Howard University Vice President Endoreses IE-DDCE, September 25, 2014.

Dr. Lovell Jones, "Perception versus Reality Part I: Explaining White privilege to People, Especially Some People of Color," Houston Style Magazine, September 3, 2014 [Jone lauds the work of IE in increasing diversity.]

Virginia A. Cumberbatch, IE Pre-Graduate School Internship Program Works to Diversify STEM Graduate Programs, August 27, 2014

Grant in Communication Sciences to Help Support IE Mentors, August 1, 2014

UT Student Produces a Video Documenting IE's Impact, August 1, 2014

IE Citizen Scholars Announce Leadership Team 2014-15, July 5, 2014

Madison Hamilton, "Intellectually Curious Undergrads Thrive in IE Program," McCombs Today, June 27, 2014.

IE Director to Serve Second Term on Journal of Hispanic Higher Education Editorial Board, June 25, 2014.

Arizona State President Michael Crow Lauds IE, June 24, 2014. [President Crow, an innovative leader in higher education and architect of the "New American University," applauds the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement's Intellectual Entrepreneurship initiative for being one of the leading programs in the country.]

IE Students Named 2014 Liberal Arts Dean's Distinguished Graduates, Life & Letters (College of Liberal Arts Magazine), May 19, 2014. [Among the twelve honoress were four IE students: Daniel Munoz, Cintia Hinojosa, Samuel Kieke and Ana Laura Rivera]

IE Director Receives National Diversity Council 2014 DiversityFIRST Award, May 13, 2014.

Lovell A. Jones, "Why Isn't Education Being Used as a Weapon to Change the World?," Burnt Orange Report, May 4, 2014. [IE spotlighted as one of three programs nationally for its success in increasing diversity.]

Lovell A. Jones, "For Minorities' Educational Needs, Funding Lags Far Behind Effort," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, May 5, 2014.

Leslie Blair, "Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Citizen Scholars Hosts Annual Research Contest," April 21, 2014

Philosophy Student Daniel Munoz Spotlighted in "Life & Letters," the College of Liberal Arts Magazine, April 16, 2014.

Ruth Ortiz, "IE Pre Grad Intern and Kuhn Scholar, Cortney Sanders, Receives the 2014 J. J. Jake Pickle Citizenship Award," April 15, 2014.

IE Kuhn Scholar Produces Inspirational Video about UT's IE Pre Grad Internship Program, April 11, 2014

"Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Graduate Students Make Waves with Innovative Research Projects," April 9, 2014

Patrick Beach, Former IE Professor Continues African-American Oral History Project in Tennessee, Austin American-Statesman, April 6, 2014.

IE Student Has Gone from Being a High School Dropout to One of the Top Students in His Class, March 26, 2014

Virginia A. Cumberbatch, "IE Student Queen Ekejija Receives Nelson Mandela Scholarship from National Black Law Student Association," March 22, 2014."

New Book on Public Intellectuals Lauds IE for Promoting Engaged Scholarship in Universities, March 14, 2014.

200 Undergrads Participating in Spring IE Program, March 10, 2014. [Read about this diverse group of students and the research they are conducting.]

2013-2014 IE Students Receive Awards and Contribute to the Community, March 1, 2014.

Art Markman, "Why Businesses Should Rediscover Apprenticeships," Austin Business Journal, February 7, 2014. [Markman contends that IE "is wonderful example of the kinds of learning that go on at universities outside of the classroom and a good model for the way any organization can add apprenticeship to its leadership training."]

UT's College of Liberal Arts Poduces IE Promo Video, February 3, 2014.

"Intellectual Entrepreneurship," UJIMA Magazine, January 13, 2014. [Interview with Deone Wilhite about the value of IE]


Three IE Students (Ana Laura Rivera, Cortney Sanders and Jordan Metoyer) Among Business Insider's "17 Incredibly Impressive Students at The University of Texas."

Josh Mitelman, "UT Entrepreneurship Program Helps Students Launch App," Austin Business Journal, December 20, 2013. [Former UT student Jordan Ramirez credits his business venture to the IE Pre Grad Internship.]

Lovell A. Jones, "Mandela Left Us with Lesson on Education," Austin American-Statesman, December 11, 2013.

  • Lovell A Jones, "Mandela, Knowledge & Will," Houston Style Magazine, December 8, 2013. [UT's IE program is featured as a model for increasing diversity.]

IE Kuhn Scholars Give Back, December 2, 2013 [UT's IE Kuhn Scholars spent the chilly Sunday before Thanksgiving serving the homeless by volunteering for the Great Thanksgiving Banquet.]

Natalie England,"Taking the Initiative," November 19, 2013. [This story features a UT student who created his own business as part of the IE Pre Grad Internship.]

  • [At the launch party in Washington, DC on November 20, Ramirez
    presented the company's promo video.]

Texas Parents Association Spotlights IE in November Newsletter, November 15, 2013

Nate, Kreuter, "Advising Outside Our Experience," Inside Higher Education, October 28, 2013. [UT's IE initiative is offered as a tangible and enduring structure for mentoring students]

UT Regent Steven Hicks Shares His Thoughts on IE, October 24, 2013.

William McKenzie, "UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program is Trying to Expand Minority Graduate School Enrollment," Dallas Morning News, October 11, 2013.

Richard A. Cherwitz, "The Challenge of Diversifying Higher Education in the Post-Fisher Era," Planning for Higher Education, September 20, 2013. [Documentation of how IE offers one viable approach to increasing diversity in a race neutral era]

Adebiyi Julius Abosede and Adegbemi Babatunde Onakoya, "Intellectual Entrepreneurship: Theories, Purpose and Challenges," International Journal of Business Administration Vol. 4, No. 5; 2013, 30-37. [UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) program and philosophy of education, as developed by Beckman, Cherwitz, Darwin, and Hartelius, is featured.]

"Jelisa Jay Robinson: New IE Citizen Scholars President," September 9, 2013.

IE Citizen Scholars President Debuts New IE Program Video, September 6, 2013. [Paulina Sosa, former IE student and last year's President of the IE Citizen Scholars who now is a global health policy graduate student at George Washington University, produced a new video about UT's IE program.]

Chris Parr, "US Explores How to Increase Diversity without Prejudice," Times Higher Education, September 5, 2013.

"What I did During My Summer Vacation," Life & Letters (College of Liberal Arts Magazine), August 28, 2013. [Three IE scholars--Ana Rivera, Stacy Drake, Jordan Metoyer--are spotlighted.]

"Former IE student receives post doc at Stockholm University," August 19, 2013.

Joshunda Sanders, "Three Students Describe Spending the Summer Building on Their Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program Experience," DDCE News, August 9, 2013

IE Director Cherwitz Interview, "Arts Entrepreneurship Movement," August 6, 2013. [Dr. Jim Hart, Director of the Arts Entrepreneurship Program at SMU, interviewed leading voices in the Arts Entrepreneurship Movement--a project including dozens of the nation's elite public and private universities.]

Representative Donna Howard, "In Support of IE," August 1, 2013

Richard Cherwitz, "Increasing Diversity in the Post-Fisher Era," Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, July 11, 2013.

Laura Pereyra, "Affirmative Action and the Future of Diversity Initiatives in Higher Education," NerdScholar, July 3, 2013. [Discussion of IE's Pre Grad Internship and "It Could Be U/IE Mentoring and College Readiness Camp".]

Ana Lucia Hurtado, "Intern Program Helps Build 'Citizen-Scholars'--UT Offers Students Chance at Discovery before Graduation," Houston Chronicle, June 29, 2013

UT Alum JoyLynn Reed Leaves IE Program as Legacy, June 20, 2013

Terri E. Givens, "Entrepreneurial and Innovative," Inside Higher Education, June 3, 2013. {UT's IE initiative is applauded for its approach to the challenges facing higher education.]

Jessica Sinn, "Paulina Sosa: Aiming to End Extreme Poverty," Life & Letters, May 15, 2013. [UT's College of Liberal Arts profiles IE Citizen Scholars President Paulina Sosa.]

Class of 2013: What Starts Here Changes the World. May 13, 2013. [IE students Paulina Sosa and Isaac Gomez were two of only a handful of students selected for UT's 2013 Commencement spotlight].

Banner Year for IE Students, May 7, 2013

IE Pre Grad Intern Isaac Gomez wins George H. Mitchell Award, May 6, 2013

Winners Announced for 2013 IE Citizens Scholars Research Contest (April, 23, 2013)

Keith McDowell, "UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Program Does it Right by Cultivating Citizen-Scholars--IE Allows Students to Find Their Own Intellectual Sweet Spot," Austin American Statesman, April 14, 2013. [Former vice chancellor for research and technology transfer for the UT System lauds IE as model for education in the 21st century.]

IE Dissertation Resources Web Site Selected One of "Top 100 Thesis & Dissertation References on the Web" [ judges IE site "a great reference for anyone doing writing and research in a higher education setting."]

H.L. Goodall Jr., "The War We Lost and the Revolution Yet to Come," Cultural Studies--Critical Methodologies, June, 2013. [This article spotlights UT's IE initiative as an innovative educational program.]

Four IE Students Receive Honors, April 7, 2013

Leslie Asher Blair, "UT-Austin Student Leveraging Knowledge for the Social Good," Hispanic Outlook Magazine, April 1, 2013. [IE Citizen Scholars President Paulina Sosa spotlighted for her active role in community engagement.]

IE Kuhn Scolars Honored, March 27, 2013

Keith McDowell,"The Only Thing Stopping Us Is Ourselves," Go Forth and Innovate, March 25, 2013. [Former research scientist and vice chancellor for research and technology transfer at The University of Texas System lauds IE's role in preparing tomorrow's leaders.]

Damita Miller-Shanklin, "Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium," Ujima Magazine, March, 2013 (See page three.) [This is the first in a series of stories about UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) initiative.]

Richard Utz, "English Prof as Entrepreneur," Inside Higher Education, March 4, 2013 [UT's IE initiative spotlighted as an encouraging sign in the humanities.]

Jack McBee,"The Texas 10: Cherwitz," ALCALDE, March/April, 2013. [Nominated by UT alumni, IE Director Cherwitz was selected as "one of this year's best and most inspiring professors on the Forty Acres."]

Chris Parr, "Texas Awaits Verdict That May Tear Up Rules on Race," Times Higher Education, January 31, 2013. [UT's IE initiative is referenced as a successful strategy for increasing diversity.]

Laura Pereyra, "UT Program Is Helping Collegians Find Careers," Austin American-Statesman", January 19, 2013. [Former UT student describes how IE stretches tuition dollars.]

"Making College Count: UT Austin's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Helps Students Maximize Their Tuition Dollars," NerdWallet, January 11, 2013.

Dr. Roger Davis, "I've Got Some Antique in Me: The Discourse of Authenticity and Identity in the African American Blues Community in Austin, Texas." (Vol 39, issue 2), January 4, 2013. [This research was part of the Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Interpreting the Texas Past Project (ITP).]


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IE Citizen Scholar Named Texas 4000 Ride Director, September 9, 2012

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[The Division of Diversity and Community Engagements Pipeline Council features the success of IE at its first ever UT Partners Appreciation Reception.]

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2011-2012: A Banner Year for IE Programs and Students. [Read about this year's accomplishments of IE students and the impact of IE locally and nationally.]

IE Student Wins First Prize in the 2012 VOCES Oral History Contest and is Showcased on, May 21, 2012. [Rosa Pruneda's award winning video was her project for the spring 2012 IE Pre Grad Internship.]

"A Clarified Career Path: Undergraduate Communication Sciences and Disorders Students Learn from Graduate-Level Research, Mentors," May, 2012 [UT story features winners of the IE Citizen Scholars Research Poster Contest.]

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IE Announces E4 Youth Summit [Media Communications Council and the University of Texas at Austin Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Consortium help students identify their passions and then build an education around those aspirations.]

Intellectual Entrepreneurship Student to Intern in the Office of Representative Doggett, June 1, 2011.

President Bill Powers, "Fostering Innovation at UT," Tower Talk, May 25, 2011. [Alumni, faculty, students, and members of the community attest to the role IE plays in creating an academic culture supportive of innovative, entrepreneurial thinking in all disciplines.]

IE Student Justin Jefferson Speaks at UT's Spring Commencement, May 24, 2011. [Justin describes being the first in his family to attend college, graduating as a scientist from a tier-one research institution, and on the necessity of reciprocating for future students by passing on wisdom.]

IE Student to Intern with City of Austin, May 19, 2011

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Media Communications Council/Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) "It Could Be U Collaboration: Intensive Mentoring & College Readiness Program." [Update of the students, the philosophy, the project, and the upcoming E4 Youth Summit in July], April 24, 2011.

  • Listen to the entire audio interview (including a fuller discussion of the IE model of education begun at UT in 1996 and how it responds to current calls for educational reform). The audio may take up to 60 seconds to load.

Fox News Broadcast Features "IE's Potential to Reduce Time to Degree and Record of Diversifying Education," April 11, 2011.

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Academic Accolades for IE Program and Professor Cherwitz: IE to be Honored at December 1 UT/Lamar Basketball Game


IE Alum Tammie Beassie Accepted into Teach for America, November 11, 2010.

Emory University Executive Vice President and Provost Proclaims IE as a Model for Reenvisioning Doctoral Education, November 10, 2010. [Lewis singles out IE for its success in engaging scholars across the academy and re-imagining the Ph.D.]

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UTSA President Ricardo Romo Salutes UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE) as a National Model of Academic Excellence, October 20, 2010. [President Romo describes IE as an academic engine for fostering service by educating undergraduates and graduates to be leaders prepared to address society's challenges.]

IE Student Selected by White House Internship Program, October 11, 2010.

Excelencia in Education President Lauds the Educational Impact of UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE) on Campus and Nationally (October 1, 2010). [President Brown underscores IE's particular success with first generation and underrepresented students by engaging their passions and desire to contribute to the community.]

UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Consortium and Philosophy Featured in Two Presentations in the United Kingdom. [Dr. Tommy Darwin speaks about IE at Oxford University (2/2/2010) and the University of Manchester (10/1/2010)].

Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Interpreting the Texas Past (ITP) Student's Oral History Project Published in Living Blues Magazine (October, 2010).

Syracuse Chancellor Nancy Cantor Lauds UT's Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) initiative for Engaging Citizen Scholars in the Work of the World and Fulfilling the Social Compact.

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